The Dead Heart
Music and Tablature

Welcome to the Dead Heart tab section. Almost all of these tabs were sent to The Dead Heart, although a few of were found in places such as OLGA. The tabs are available in two forms - the plain text versions have been collected as an archive, or for simple browsing there is a list of the tabs below. Hope you enjoy them and get in touch if you feel there's a big mistake in there!
Current tab count - 67

Download text versions (Zip format - 65.9k | Tar/Gzip format - 52.4k)

If you are looking for Ghosties/FuzzFace tabs, then have a look at Jeff Scott's tab sites (he's the author of many tabs in this section). Ghosties and FuzzFace.

Brian Camp has a selection of Oils bass tabs for Bones/Bear/Giffo wannabes!

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HTML versions of the tabs...

Eye Contact ---- Powderworks ---- Head Over Heels ---- Used And Abused ---- Surfing With A Spoon ---- Naked Flame ---- Stand In Line ---- Profiteers ---- Is It Now? ---- Brave Faces ---- Burnie ---- Read About It ---- Short Memory ---- US Forces ---- Power And The Passion ---- Sleep ---- Minutes to Midnight ---- Jimmy Sharman's Boxers ---- Kosciuszko ---- Progress ---- Hercules ---- Blossom And Blood ---- Beds Are Burning ---- Put Down That Weapon ---- Dreamworld ---- Arctic World ---- Warakurna ---- The Dead Heart ---- Whoah ---- Bullroarer ---- Sell My Soul ---- Sometimes ---- Blue Sky Mine ---- Bedlam Bridge ---- Forgotten Years ---- Mountains of Burma ---- King of the Mountain ---- River Runs Red ---- Shakers and Movers ---- One Country ---- Antartica ---- My Country ---- Earth and Sun and Moon ---- Truganini ---- Bushfire ---- Drums of Heaven ---- Outbreak of Love ---- In The Valley ---- Tell Me The Truth ---- Ships of Freedom ---- Underwater ---- Surf's Up Tonight ---- Common Ground ---- Time To Heal ---- One Too Many Times ---- Home ---- E-Beat ---- Barest Degree ---- I See You ---- Redneck Wonderland ---- Cemetery In My Mind ---- Comfortable Place On The Couch ---- Safety Chain Blues ---- Blot ---- The Great Gibber Plain ---- Seeing Is Believing ---- What Goes On ---- White Skin Black Heart ---- Drop In The Ocean

Thanks to those who contributed tabs:- Jonathan Hart, Craig Lawton, Riku Lindstrøm, Matt Fagan, Pugwall, Phil Warren, Windell Oskay, Krusty Fries, Joakim Lindblad, Jeff Scott, M. Hiltonwood, Pete Gould, Roger Bonastre and Kai Lukoschek. In no particular order of course!