Powderworks FAQs

Who are Powderworkers?
Powderworkers are subscribers to the Powderworks list.

How do I join Powderworks?
There are three ways to access Powderworks - join the full list, join the digest, or read the archives (http://pat.appliedtheory.com/powderworks-archive/).

Powderworks is an Internet mailing list devoted to the Australian band, Midnight Oil. The name comes from Midnight Oil's original record label.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe/leave messages?
Powderworks currently resides on a majordomo server at the University of Colorado.
To join (or leave) the list, please send a message (no subject) to:
Alternatively, there is a digest version available. To receive just the list digest (or cancel the digest), send a message (no subject) to: [email protected] with the text: SUBSCRIBE POWDERWORKS-DIGEST (or UNSUBSCRIBE POWDERWORKS-DIGEST)
Once joined, all correspondence should be directed to the list's address at: [email protected]
Help on the list can be received by sending a HELP message to: [email protected]

Is this list moderated?
Yes, as a necessary evil, this list is moderated. The Powderworks mailing list prides itself on being a place where open, intelligent conversations take place. Unfortunately, the net being the beast that it is, perfection is not easily achieved. Therefore to prevent flame wars and other list impurities, the list is moderated. However, do not fear, this is not a blatant act of net.censorship, but rather a protective measure installed to quell overly childish messages. It also keeps out the much hated net.advertisements and chain letters.

Who is/How do I contact the list moderator?
The list moderator is Tim Hunter and he can be reached most easily through the list owner address at: [email protected] If that does not work, try: [email protected]

What does this list talk about?
This list is a fairly open forum for discussion on all things Midnight Oil. This is typically limited to new albums and live shows, but often we go off on tangents such as the merits of Greenpeace, arguments over clear-cutting forests, etc. These tangents are generally related (and preferably restricted) to the political and social views expressed by the band and their fans. Occasionally, topics on other Australian bands arise, but for the most part we discourage public/on-list discussion for those topics (although you are sure to get participants for private talks).

What is the volume of the list?
Like any other music band mailing list, the volume depends on the activity of the band, but in general the volume is low. When new albums are released or when tour dates are announced (i.e "the busy periods"), the volume is between 30-40 msg/day. During downtimes between albums, the volume may drop as low as 0-5 msg/day. In addition, because the list is moderated, there may be an occasional day or two delay in messages.

How big is the list?
As of this FAQ, the list has approximately 450 members with only about 20-30 of them being considered truly "active".

What is Midnight Oil's involvement on the list?
MO is aware of the list and they occasionally listen in, but they are not active members. The list is not a way to contact the band.

What is Midnight Oil currently doing?
After taking a much deserved year long retreat between 1995 and 1996, the band has returned to the recording booth. They are known to be currently in progress on some new songs, with a tenative album release sometime in October or November. Afterwards, it is rumored the band will immediately record a second new album before launching a major tour to support both of them.

What is the list's (and the band's) stance on live tape trading?
At best, this is a touchy subject. The band and many list members are very protective when dealing with issues relating to artistic rights, bootlegs in particular. The band does not currently condone bootlegs for commerical or non-commercial purposes. Many list members also support this view and for this reason the posting of open requests for live tapes is discouraged. Those wishing to discuss tape trades are requested to use private mail.

How can I get JPegs, GIFs, Guitar Tabs, any other files?
As mentioned in question #11, OilBase is available through both FTP and the WWW. In addition, there are various pictures, JPegs, and other assorted files concerning Midnight Oil at those sites. Refer back to question #11 for the list of Powderworks data sites. The WWW pages may also contain links to additional sites.

Does the band have a home page?
Yes. It is located at: http://www.midnightoil.com/

Why are the acronyms MOC, NMOC and SMOC used, and what do they stand for?
This simple code was developed as a means of indicating relevance in postings sent to the mailing list. The code is added to the subject line of the message being sent. Thus the receiver can decide not to read messages with a particular code.
The codes are Midnight Oil Content, Non-MOC, and Some MOC. It is advised that NMOC messages are kept to a minimum, and should have some relevance.