Oils on the Net FAQs

What is, and where can I find Oilbase?
How can I find out x (x= discography, lyrics, tour dates, etc.)
OilBase is a large and growing collection of information about the band. It began as a small discography written by Powderworker Shane Johns and grew quickly from there. In the spring of 1994, he dug up a bunch of old magazines and flyers and created a live show register. Brian Perry combined those two lists and added most of the known lyrics to formally create OilBase (the idea and name were derived from the Grateful Dead database, Deadbase). Today, it contains not only the discography, live show register and lyrics but numerous other facts and FAQs about the band.
The most recent version of the database is v4.0 which was released in October 1994. The format of the database is a book with 260 pages of pure text (ascii) with hard headers and form feeds suitable for immediate printing. The database is available through both FTP and the web.
V4.0 http://pat.appliedtheory.com/oilbase/
V4.0 Euro Mirror http://dnausers.d-n-a.net/dnetdkdk/oilbase/
V3.0 http://www.stevens-tech.edu/~dbelson/oilbase/index.html

What other Oils resources are available on the net?
Try the list of Oils resources at... http://www.deadheart.org.uk/news_and_info/other_sites.php

Why is there no Midnight Oil newsgroup?
This question was raised last year on the Powderworks list, and the general consensus was that a Midnight Oil newsgroup is unnecessary. The mailing list serves the purpose of a newsgroup equally well, and it is generally agreed that more people have access to e-mail than to newsgroups.

Where are Midnight Oil's Official web-sites?
The bands own site can be found at http://www.midnightoil.com
The Sony Music site is also available at http://www.music.sony.com/Music/ArtistInfo/MidnightOil/

What is the Woodchips mailing list?
Woodchips is a modern-day discussion about politics, society, and the world as a whole.
Some of our most popular topics include:

Our discussions are maintained as an e-mail list presently distributed to members in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. New members are welcome.

How do I subscribe to Woodchips?
You can subscribe to the Woodchips List by going to: http://www.opalescence.com/woodchips/subscribe.shtml
You may also unsubscribe at the same page.

What are the policies of the Woodchips list?
The list is unmoderated and uncensored by the list administration (Judy). As list members, we expect each other to post intelligently, without wasting anyone's bandwidth and time. Other than that, list members are welcome to talk about almost anything and everything. Please note, however, that the list administration reserves the right to remove people from the list if necessary.