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Peter Garrett
Vox, Harp
Garrett is the amazing voice that conveys the message of the Oils. He is a politician in a rock stars body, with a vocal style that defies any accurate attempt of definition. To claim that he is solely the singer is incorrect, for the man is more a speaker than a singer. Vocalist is a better compromise. After finishing his law degree, he stuffed the idea of using it and joined the Oils, fitting in perfectly with the band's style. Some may feel that his singing voice is below par, but it in fact adds an aura to the music of Midnight Oil and he always gives the impression that he speaks the truth at all times.

His scope also exceeds Midnight Oil; he has been president of the Australian Conservative Foundation, for wilderness protection. During recording of Red Sails... he met some of the Hiroshima survivors. This had an enormous effect upon him and in 1985 he ran for the Australian Senate as a member of the Nuclear Disarmament Party, and was only narrowly defeated.