The Dead Heart
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Discography - the visual discography that includes, albums, singles, EPs, videos, box sets, bootlegs and the ability to buy Oils on-line!
Song Database - a searchable catalogue of songs written and recorded by the Oils. The releases the songs appear on, the production credits for various versions, writing credits, lyrics and links to tabs and discographies.
Biography - featuring a history of the band plus individual member biographies, soon to include bios of past members.
Oils FAQ - those Oily questions you always asked but could never find the answers!
World Atlas - a trainspotter's guide to those "places without postcards" mentioned in Oils tracks.

"Where Am I?"

This is the News and Info section. Here is where you can find the most up to date information on the band, plus some of the essential facts that you may wish to know. Feel free to contribute to the discography/biography/FAQ, and if you know of any news or tour dates, please send them in!!

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