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Bones Hillman
Bass, Vox
Bones is a New Zealander, and hails from Auckland. He's been in a number of bands before joining the Oils in 87, including Suburban Reptiles(NZ). The story behind his joining the band involves Neil Finn (from Crowded House). Rob was the person who hooked up Paul Hester with the soon to be formed Crowded House a couple of years before. Bones was supposedly hanging round Neil's pool quite a bit, when Neil decided to return the favour to Rob and suggest Bones as the Oil's new bassist. (This makes him the 4th bassist overall.) He is better known for being the bassist for the Swingers. They released one Album (Practical Joker) and were best known for a famous Antipodean one hit wonder called 'Counting the Beat'. His style of playing is considered as Beatle-ish, and he contributes towards the backing vocals also.