The Dead Heart


XBand Rough
BrushScript MT

The XBand font is used as the "Breathe font" and so is used on the Breathe discography pages. The BrushScript font is similar to that in the Place Without A Postcard inlay, and so is used in the discography entry.

How to install the fonts...
For Win95 - simply save the .zip file to your hard drive. Extract the font file (.ttf) into the directory c:/windows/fonts - this should be the font installed. For Win3.1, save the file to the hard drive. Extract the font file to a temporary directory. Open Control Panel, Fonts, and select to add a font. Give the location of the .ttf file, and it should install the font.

Hope this has been a help to your browsing pleasure!


Animated Cursor - The Redneck Wonderland kangaroo as an animated mouse pointer. Not much use in every day computer usage but a nice gimmick. To install for Win95, go to Control Panel, select Mouse, and in the Mouse panel select the Pointers tab. The "Browse" button at the lower part of the tab should allow you to choose the pointer to replace one of the standard Windows pointers.