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Long term Oil fans will recognise Powderworks as being the name of the bands own record label, and a great track on the Blue Album and Scream In Blue Live. But Powderworks is also the name of the Midnight Oil mailing list. Within these pages you will find details on the list (including how to join/leave/contribute) and details on the list members.

Using the List

In order to particpate in Powderworks you need to first subscribe to the list with your email address. You can do so by going to and sending an email to the subscribe address on the bottom of the page.

Now you can sit back and expect to see extra mail arriving in your mailbox.

You've read a message in the list and you wish to reply in some way. Read it again - and think about your planned reply. Does the entire list need to know what you're about to say, or even, should they know what you're about to say? Does the message say "Reply to me personally" or something similar? Then you should take note of their e-mail address and reply personally - you'll be helping both the person you are replying to and the rest of the list.

If your reply is relevant to the list and is directed to everyone, then send your message to [email protected]. This will mail your message out to everyone on the list. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on whether or not you choose to say something sensible! You may also want to carbon copy the message to the person who wrote the original post, just so that they definitely get your reply.

And that's Powderworks. You read, you digest, you think and you reply.

If you've joined the digest version of the list, and you're wondering where your mail is, then don't worry. It will reach you. The digest is compiled roughly once a day, although not necessarily at the same time every day. The size of the digest varies between 6k and 40k depending on band activity, and the day of the week!

More info about the List

Powderworks Tribute Project

The members of Powderworks have banded together a number of times to produce Midnight Oil tribute CDs. The Dead Heart has the pleasure of hosting the details for the Tribute projects here.