Album FAQ - Diesel and Dust

What is Diesel and Dust?
DAD is the bands 6th album.

Who produced Diesel and Dust?
DAD was produced by Warne Livesey and Midnight Oil.

When was Diesel and Dust released?
DAD was released in 1987.

Where was Diesel and Dust recorded?
DAD was recorded at Alberts Studios in Sydney.

What singles were released from Diesel and Dust?
Beds Are Burning, The Dead Heart, Dreamworld and Put Down That Weapon were released from DAD.

Why does Gunbarrel Highway not appear on the US release of Diesel and Dust?
It is believed that CBS believed that the line "shit falls like rain" was too strong for release in the States.

Why was the final mix of The Dead Heart by Nick Launay?
This was probably because The Dead Heart was originally recorded for an Aboriginal documentary in 1986, before the rest of the album was recorded.

Where did the title Diesel and Dust come from?
DAD came from the line "Diesel and dust, is what we breathe" in the song Warakurna on the album.