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02 December 2002
Peter Garrett Calls It A Day
Oils: In a statement on the front page of the official Midnight Oil web-site, Peter Garrett has announced his decision to retire from the band in order to focus on his other commitments.
The full text from the official site: -

Pete has resolved to call it a day with Midnight Oil, resigning from the band to take up challenges outside music.
'The last 25 years have been incredibly fulfilling for me, and I leave with the greatest respect for the whole of Midnight Oil. The band has brought a lot of pleasure and meaning to people's lives, including my own. Who could ask for more? But it is time for me to move on and immerse myself in those things which are of deep concern to me and which I have been unable to fully apply myself up to now.'
The band wishes Pete all the best for the future and reinforces the respect, good intentions and values we mutually share. Jim, Rob, Martin & Bones plan to continue making music together in another guise at some point down the track.
'We've had a unique relationship and special chemistry for many years, one too good to lose.'
'We want to thank our families, all fans worldwide, our crew and the Office team for their enormous support over the years. It's been a great ride together. Many, many thanks.'
Peter Garret, Bones Hillman, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Martin Rotsey and Gary Morris

08 November 2002
Oilbase mirror
The site: In response to a few queries about what happened to Oilbase this message is intended to inform people of it's existence at

30 October 2002
Site closures
The site: The site has been closed recently, pending server upgrades at the host. There will be more closures over the next few weeks as a few revamped areas are uploaded.

30 October 2002
European Tour Cancelled
Oils: The long-awaited European tour that finally seemed like it was about to happen has now been cancelled. As of yet there has still been no information regarding why the cancellation occurred, as the bands' Web-site states no reason.

23 October 2002
CONFIRMED European dates
Oils: The following European dates for December 2002 have been posted on the Official Web-site, and are therefore, being taken as confirmed.
6th Babylon, Munich, Germany
8th Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany
9th Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
10th Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
12th Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
13th Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany
14th Melkweg Max, Amsterdam, Holland
15th Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France
16th Brixton Academy, London, UK

21 October 2002
European Dates Appearing
Oils: A number of European dates have sprung up on Web-sites, but have yet to be confirmed by the Official site. There are dates in Germany, France, Holland and the UK. Check the touring news page for more details on known dates.
Please do not email the site asking for more info - anything known will be added directly to the touring news page.

5 August 2002
Euro Release Date for Capricornia
Oils: The Official Oils site has published a release date of October 1st for Capricornia in Europe. No details of what territories the album will be available in, or of the format it will take.

11 June 2002
Oils: Resulting in a burst of acronyms, the band's official Web-site has announced the date for the North American release of the 20,000 Watt RSL DVD. The disc should hit the stores on the 1st July (in time for the next run of US dates) and has catalogue number CVD 54301.

11 June 2002
Charity Auction
Oils: On their way through Cincinnati recently the band stopped into a local radio station and signed a few items for the station's charity auction. The items are a drum head, t-shirt and copy of Diesel and Dust, all signed. You can view the auction here.

10 May 2002
20,000 Watt RSL DVD Release in US
Oils: The Dead Heart is often asked when the 20,000 Watt RSL DVD is going to be released in NTSC format for fans in North America. An unconfirmed report from Sony in the States suggests that it will eventually be released on 2nd July. Look out for confirmation of this.

02 May 2002
European Shows On The Way?
Oils: Following the current US tour it appears that the band are going to be coming to Europe at the end of May/start of June. Two shows have already been announced, with the band playing Paris, and then the Fierce Festival in London. There has also been word of a possible show in Hamburg. However, at this time no further shows have been confirmed, and it is not known if these shows alone make up the bands intention to spend the 'latter half of the year playing to it's fans in Europe' as mentioned on the official website. The band are known to be returning to the US in July.

20 February 2002
Cold Live at the Chapel webcast
Oils: The Oils performance is being webcast from - at 9:30pm, 21st Feb.

11 February 2002
Unconfirmed Gig on 17th?
Oils: The Dead Heart has received a report (thanks!) that posters are up advertising a gig on the 17th February in the St. Mary's League Club, NSW. There's no confirmation on the official Web site so far.

08 February 2002
Oils on Cold Live At The Chapel
Oils: The Cold Live at the Chapel site are offering the chance to win tickets to see the Oils perform live on 21st February (between their Sydney and Melbourne warmup gigs.) Check their site for how to enter.

6 February 2002
Aussie Warmup Gigs
Oils: The band's web-site has announced details of 4 warm-up gigs in Australia for the upcoming US tour. The band play 18th and 19th (Feb) in the Metro Theatre, Sydney, and the 22nd and 23rd (Feb) in The Forum, Melbourne.

22 January 2002
Various Snippets
Oils: Liquid 8 Records have posted a number of interesting of bits of info on their site regarding upcoming plans of the band. These include: -
Golden Age single prior to the album (no confirmation)
US tour to begin March 20th
Headlining appearance at Chicagofest (July 4th)
Letterman appearance (March 27th)
The 'first run' of Capricornia is to feature an electronic press kit, containing video interviews.
Sony Music Australia have updated their Web site with Capricornia info. The release date for Australia would appear to now be February 25th. Sony also have full Real Audio clips of two tracks to download - 'Golden Age' and 'Too Much Sunshine.'

14 January 2002
Australian Pre-order/Track-listing for Capricornia
Oils: Whammo have the Capricornia available to pre-order. Also the track listing is...
Golden Age
Too Much Sunshine
Luritja Way
Tone Poem
A Crocodile Cries
Mosquito March
Been Away Too Long
Under The Overpass
World That I See
Poets & Slaves
They also mention a track 12 which is stated as '(Capricornia Interviews)' - it isn't know if this is an extra audio track, or if it is part of a enhancedCD for home computer playback.

12 January 2002
Capricornia Track-listing
Oils: The band's new label in the US, Liquid 8, have confirmed the following track-listing for the forthcoming album 'Capricornia.'
Golden Age
Tone Poem
Mosquito March
Say Your Prayers
World That I See
Too Much Sunshine
Luritja Way
A Crocodile Cries
Been Away Too Long
Under The Overpass
Poets & Slaves

This listing is not necessarily in the order it will appear on the album. It is possible that the Australian version will be one track shorter, though this is not confirmed.

6 January 2002
Capricornia Release Date?
Oils: A number of web sites are now advertising the US release date for the new album Capricornia to be the 19th February. There is no confirmation on either the Liquid 8 Web-site or the official Oils site.

3 January 2002
Possible Single On The Way
Oils: There have been no confirmed reports yet, but a promo disc containing the song 'Golden Age' has been put up for auction on Ebay and features artwork. This suggests that the song is to be released, or that the item on Ebay is a promo for the forthcoming album.

16 October 2001
Oils Tribute Album Due Soon
Oils: An Australian tribute album to the Oils is being released on the 29th October in Australia. The track listing is as follows: -
Something For Kate - Dreamworld
Shihad - Kosciuszko
Area 7 - Read About It
Frenzal Rhomb - The Dead Heart
The Superjesus - Short Memory
Regurgitator - Stand In Line
Grinspoon - Don't Wanna Be The One
Bodyjar - Back On The Borderline
Jebediah - When The Generals Talk
Skulker - Forgotten Years
Dave McCormack - Power & The Passion
Waylayd - Hercules
Augie March - Beds Are Burning
The album can be currently pre-ordered over the 'net at Whammo. For every copy sold, a $1 donation is made to the ACF.

14 September 2001
European Tour Cancellation Confirmed
Oils: The official site has confirmed the news that the proposed European tour for November/December of 2001 has been cancelled.
Only one show had been announced (in Oberhausen, Germany) but this has been confirmed to NOT be proceeding. The band state that their plan is to tour Europe in the latter half of 2002. They have also apologised for the confusion regarding the Oberhausen show.
The Dead Heart would like to thank the source who brought it to public attention that the Oberhausen show was being publicised in error. Through this person's information, the band was prompted into clarifying the situation before more fans had gotten their hopes up unnecessarily. Thanks again!

14 September 2001
New Album Info
Oils: According to the official site, the new album is slated to be released in mid-February of next year. The album will be called 'Capricornia' and will be preceeded in January by the single 'The Golden Age.' Distribution will be on a new label called 'Liquid 8,' but no label has yet been finalised for European distribution. As such, the album/single will not be available until March/April.

11 September 2001
No European Dates!
Oils: The Dead Heart has been contacted by a person (who shall remain anonymous) who has confirmed with the band that there are no planned European dates to follow the US tour this October/November. Some had been planned, but have since been discarded for no specified reason. Unless word appears at the official site to the contrary, it can be assumed that there will be no European tour this year.

29 August 2001
Overseas Touring News
Oils: Dates are trickling out which indicate a substantial overseas tour. With gigs in the USA and in Europe it seems that this autumn will be a busy time for OS Oils fans. See the touring news pages for more info on the dates as they are announced.

18 August 2001
Alive Again
The site: The Dead Heart is now officially 'alive' once more. The enforced hibernation of the last year is now over, and the site will slowly be getting up to full speed again.
Sorry for all the delays, and thanks for your patience.

18 August 2001
20,000 Watt RSL DVD Re-release
Oils: The 20,000 Watt RSL DVD has been re-released by Sony Music. The re-elease is now single-sided, and features an extra video clip for Redneck Wonderland. The DVD can be viewed in any region and is PAL encoded. It is available only in Australia, and can be obtained online from Whammo and NoizeMusic

19 February 2001
More Gig News
Oils: The band are also playing a gig at the Dapto Leagues club in the near future. Unfortunately I don't know the date but tickets are available at $27.50.

14 February 2001
Upcoming Sydney Gig
Oils: The band are playing a gig at the Bridge Hotel, Rozelle on the 28th Feb. Tickets are approx. $24 but at this stage appear to have sold out.

8 February 2001
Dead Heart Hibernation
The site: It is with regret that I have decided to officially 'hibernate' The Dead Heart. Due to personal issues there was a lack of updates to the site dating back to Jul/Aug 2000. Owing to the pressures of final year at uni, the site will not be updated again until July 2001. All contributions to the site will still be accepted, but will not actually be published for some time. I apologise for the hassle this may be, and look forward to putting in lots of effort once my degree course is complete.

5 October 2000
Vote For The Oils
Oils: are running a poll on the main page, the question being 'Who delivered the best performance at the
Closing Ceremony to the Olympics?' At present the Oils are leading - let's keep it that way!

10 September 2000
Olympic Closing Ceremony Performance
Oils: Rumours in the last few weeks that Midnight Oil would be participating in the closing ceremony of the upcoming Olympic games held in Sydney.
Confirmation has arrived in the form of the following message on the bands official web site - 'Oils in Olympics! the closing ceremony will include a performance by the band that is clothed in secrecy.'
As well as being an honour for the band, this has the potential to award them valuable publicity on the international stage. We'll bring you details of the ceremony when we receive them.

28 July 2000
The Secret Warm-up Gig
Oils: According to the Channel V web-site, the recent Midnight Oil secret gig at the Newtown Theatre, Sydney (18th July,) will be aired on the 27th September.

28 July 2000
TRT Availability
Oils: To date, The Real Thing has been available to buy in Australia, France and Switzerland. No other sightings have been made (barring occasional imports.)

25 July 2000
The Real Thing French Release (Updated)
Oils: The Real Thing would appear to be available in France although there have been no confirmed sightings. The Dead Heart has received one message stating that the release date was 18th July, and another stating the release date to be 25th July.


The Dead Heart has received two confirmations to say that the album is available in France, and that the limited edition double CD is also available. :

17 July 2000
The Real Thing now on sale
Oils: Today (17th July) is the onsale date for the new Oils album, The Real Thing. It is available in two forms - a single CD version, and a limited edition double CD version. The second CD contains an interview about the new album, as well as the videos to Cemetery In My Mind and Redneck Wonderland. While the 2CD edition was supposed to only be available to pre-ordering customers, it has been seen for sale to the general public.
There is no information about the album being released anywhere outside of Australia.

24 June 2000 Updates
Oils: has been updated again, this time with lots of big news.
From the 3rd July onwards, each day will see a new Real Audio track from the album go live on the site. At the minute there is a full length Liquid Audio download of Spirit of the Age, as well as clips from MTV Unplugged for Truganini and My Country.
Even bigger news is the fact that there will be a limited edition double CD of The Real Thing, which will feature a bonus CD containing an interview and undisclosed multimedia information. A selection of the interview is available to hear on the site.

12 June 2000
Highlights From The Real Thing
Oils: Sony Music Australia have made available Real Audio clips from each of the songs on The Real Thing. You can access the page by going through or by going straight to the clips page.

6 June 2000
New Album Track Listing
Oils: The track listing for the new album (also entitled 'The Real Thing') is now public: -
1. The Real Thing
2. Say Your Prayers
3. Spirit of the Age
4. Feeding Frenzy
5. Tell Me The Truth
6. The Dead Heart
7. Tin Legs and Tin Mines
8. Short Memory
9. In The Valley
10. Blue Sky Mine
11. US Forces
12. Warakurna
13. Truganini
14. The Last of the Diggers

Further discussion of the tracks will follow later this week.

5 June 2000
The Real Thing Out
Oils: The new Oils single 'The Real Thing' is now out.

23 May 2000
Pre-order The New Single
Oils: It's possible to pre-order the new single 'The Real Thing' from Greg's Music World. The cost is $4.95, and the single is actually out on 5th June. The b-sides are Eye-Contact and Pictures, recorded at the Narrabeen Sands show in 1996.

10 May 2000
Oils in TripleM Top 500 Albums
Oils: Australian radio station TripleM held another of their 'Greatest X Albums' charts recently. The Oils managed 8 placings, with 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 hitting number 4. The full list of Oils mentions are:-
Scream In Blue - 362
Head Injuries - 320
Earth And Sun And Moon - 248
Place Without A Postcard - 126
Red Sails In The Sunset - 58
Blue Sky Mining - 43
Diesel And Dust - 13
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - 4

2 May 2000
Oils Sony Site Updated...
Oils: The Midnight Oil section of Sony Australia has been updated. The release dates for the single and album are officially 5th of June and 10th of July, respectively. Interestingly now points to the Sony site.
They also have a Real Audio clip of the new single available for listening.

Concert tickets for the July/August East Coast (of Oz) tour are available from...
New South Wales
State Theatre - Ticketmaster 136 100
All other shows - Ticketek Phonecharge 9266-4800 and venues
The Arena - Geelong - Ticketmaster136 100 and the venue
Regent Theatre -Ticketek Phonecharge 132 849
Concert Hall - QTIX DialnCharge - toll free - 136 246
Royal Theatre - Ticketek 6219-6666 or

18 April 2000
'The Real Thing' Single
Oils: The new single appears to be called 'The Real Thing', and would seem to have a release date of 2nd June 2000.
also on the single are rumoured to be versions of Eye Contact and Pictures recorded at 'JJJ Live at the Wireless' - Narrabeen Sands show from 1996.

18 April 2000
Possible Release Dates For The Real Thing
Oils: While browsing The Dead Heart came across two new Oils entries. A single (release date - 2nd June 2000) and an album (release date - 7th July 2000), although the single was titled as 'The Real Thing'. These dates are in no way confirmed, and no official mention has yet been made of a single.

18 April 2000
Australian Tour Dates Announced
Oils: Dates for an Australian tour this July/August have been announced. Please see the touring page for more details.

14 April 2000
Touring Australia This August
Oils: Speaking on Australian radio station MMM, Bones mentioned that the band would be doing shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne this August. No specific dates were announced.
This took place while Pete and Bones were at the station for the 'Classic 9 at 9' slot. The nine tracks chosen were...
1. King Of The Mountain
2. Hercules
3. Armistice Day
4. Kosciuszko
5. Cold Cold Change
6. Dreamworld
7. Short Memory
8. When The Generals Talk
9. Say Your Prayers

13 April 2000
Fibromoon Available To Buy
Ghostwriters: Fibromoon, the new album by 'Rob Hirst and The Ghostwriters' has been released. It's currently available to buy from a select number of music stores as listed on the newly updated web site. It will also be available to buy from the web site sometime during May (along with the two previous albums).

24 March 2000
Mastering In Progress
Oils: Word has reached The Dead Heart that the new album ("The Real Thing") is currently in the process of being mastered at Metropolis in London by Tim Young. Further information is that the artwork for the album is nearing completion.

17 March 2000
Info on New Album
Oils: The Dead Heart has confirmation on the new Oils release (which we scooped back in December.) It is to be titled "The Real Thing" and while there is no firm release date, The Dead Heart is expecting it around July/August.
It will be a mainly acoustic album of old material recorded at The Metro (Sydney, not Chicago) and on MTV.
"Say Your Prayers" will also feature on "The Real Thing" along with three other new tracks. Touring in Australia this August has been mentioned, but not confirmed. There is no info on overseas touring.

16 March 2000
The Olympic Games Album
Oils: Channel 7 in Australia present some information on the forthcoming Olympic Games album which is being co-ordinated by Rob Hirst and Rick Grossman.

13 March 2000
Peter and the Wolf
Oils: Peter Garrett is to tour Australia performing Prokofievs "Peter And The Wolf". He will narrate the performance before a 6-piece chamber orchestra, with a backdrop of illustrations by cartoonist Michael Leunig.
Also to be performed is Saint-Saens "Carnival of the Animals" during the tour which will take place in April/May 2000.

21 February 2000
Tribute Album
Oils: It was mentioned on JJJ music news that an Oils tribute album was currently being recorded. Full details unknown, but contributing bands include Powderfinger, Custard, Frenzal Rhomb, and Something For Kate.

21 February 2000
Oils on TV - Good News Week
Oils: The Oils are to appear on Australian TV show "Good News Week" on the 26th of February. They are set to appear with Taxiride and The Dili Allstars, so it is probably "Liberdade"-related. Filming is at 6:45pm on the 23rd, and tickets are available by "phoning up on Monday" (where to phone TDH doesn't know)

16 February 2000
Another Top X Placing - Update
Oils: A short review of 10,9,8 can be found at the HMV Australia website, ironically at the page for numbers 10 to 8! This is a part of HMVs Massive online magazine.

14 February 2000
Another Top X Placing
Oils: The band have had 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 placed at 8th position in a "Top 100 Albums of All Time" poll. The poll was voted for by the customers of HMV in Australia

7 February 2000
New Album Details
Ghostwriters: The news section of reveals that the new album, called "Fibromoon", will be "out soon." No date was given for the release, but a list of song titles was posted.
Neon Garden
Ready Steady Go
Last Plane Out
Sleep Of The Just
Dead Modern And Paid For
Long Time Dead
Why Am I Not Surprised
Lie Very Still
In This House
Great World
Cold Heart

2 February 2000's Millenium Top 100
Oils: The Oils feature at No. 51 in Scandinavian online store's Top 100 albums of the millenium. The fact that the band has made an entry onto such a chart is respectable enough, but to reach No. 51 is pretty astounding for Midnight Oil.

28 January 2000
New Album Mentioned
Oils: A member of the Powderworks list met Jim Moginie after a recent gig (Joe Strummer), where mention was made that the Oils were continuing to record. Time frames such as "the first half of this year" were mentioned.
How this ties in with previous information about an acoustic live album is not known.

22 December 1999
Oils to Release in 2000
Oils: According to the Redneck Wonderland Advocate, the band have been mixing tracks from 1994 acoustic performances at the The Metro, Sydney, with a view to release in the first half of 2000. This is in addition to recording three other new tracks as well the new 'Say Your Prayers' song from the 'Liberdade' benefit CD.
The page on giving the information was dated 17th December 1999.

21 December 1999
Oils on the Wireless
Oils: Australian radio station JJJ are running a series of live performances over the Christmas period (Live At The Wireless). The 29th (Dec) is dedicated to the Oils' classic 1985 performance on Goat Island, Sydney, originally broadcast as Oils On The Water.

10 December 1999
One Country For Australian National Anthem?
Oils: A web site has been set up to promote the adoption of One Country as a new Australian national anthem. The creator of the pages is attempting to create a streaming web media clip to go with the song as part of the promotion.

24th November 1999
New Oils Track
Oils: There has been word on Australian TV that the Oils will be contributing a new track for an East Timor benefit release. The track is thought to be named "Say Your Prayers."

18th November 1999
23 Out Of Top 1000 Rock Songs For Oils
Oils: The Oils recently had 23 songs feature in Triple M's Top 1000 rock songs. U.S. Forces featured highest at number 9. The full list...
998 - My Country
971 - Truganini
688 - No Time For Games
667 - Run By Night
580 - Put Down That Weapon
462 - Wedding Cake Island
388 - Short Memory
369 - Best Of Both Worlds
335 - Don't Wanna Be The One
301 - Dreamworld
288 - Cold Cold Change
263 - King Of The Mountain
240 - When The Generals Talk
219 - Armistice Day
199 - Kosciuszko
178 - The Dead Heart
156 - Power And The Passion
132 - Hercules
99 - Read About It
77 - Forgotten Years
38 - Blue Sky Mine
20 - Beds Are Burning
9 - U.S. Forces

17th November 1999
New Ghostwriters Album
Ghostwriters: After a successful series of gigs in Sydney and Melbourne, the Ghostwriters will be releasing their third album soon. It appears that they are rejecting the normal record company paths, and will possibly be selling the new album via the Internet.

5th February 1999
No Oils Break Up
Despite announcements on Australian radio to the contrary, Midnight Oil have not been confirmed to be disbanding permanently. As they have done several times in the past, the band are simply taking a break (according to the Oils' office) - the usual procedure between albums. In the meantime Rob is known to be working on the third Ghostwriters album, expected later this year.

14th September 1998
Cemetery On Sale
The new Oils single "Cemetery In My Mind" went on sale in Australia today. The song is backed with an older mix of the same track, and two new tracks - one of which is an instrumental. See the news page for previous items including the track names. As yet there seem to be no plans for the single to be released outside Australia. Until an international release is confirmed, the single can be bought online through Greg's Music World.

20th August 98
Cemetery Single Details
UK rarities/imports dealer Esprit International have shown details on "Cemetery In My Mind" as the new single. The track listing is - Cemetery, True Believers Blind Version, Heaven & Earth, Devilfish Shuffle. They have it available to buy, but Greg's Music World puts a date of 14th Sept on the single.

11th August 98
Possible US Tour?
Like the possiblity of a European tour this autumn/winter, a possible US tour was hinted at by an interviewer writing for TNT magazine. There was no explicit mention of dates, venues or a tour confirmation. Check the touring news page for the latest info.

29th July 98
Oils To Tour Europe?
Nothing solid has been announced, but there is the possibility that the band will be touring Europe in November. There is no official mention of this, and there is also no rumour of a US tour at this stage.

22nd July 98
"Cemetery In My Mind" is New Single
As yet unconfirmed, but "Cemetery In My Mind" has been listed by UK rarities/imports delear Esprit International as being available as a new Australian CD single. So far none of the major Australian online stores have the single listed.

6th July 98
Redneck Wonderland is Out
The Redneck Wonderland album is now available in Australia. Unfortunately it does not appear to have been released in other territories as yet. Sony UK have unofficially suggested that the release date may be 3rd of August. Until then, RW is available through Greg's Music World.

17th June 98
Redneck Track List Available!
The Sony Australia web site now has the track listing for the album available, plus Real Audio clips of all tracks! The listing is... Blot, Cemetery In My Mind, Comfortable Place On The Couch, Concrete, Drop In The Ocean, Redneck Wonderland, Return To Sender, Safety Chain Blues, Seeing Is Believing, The Great Gibber Plain, What Goes On, White Skin Black Heart, Redneck Wonderland.

11th June 98
Peter Leads ACF
Peter Garrett has been invited to once again become the leader of the ACF - the Australian Conservation Foundation. This will be the second time that Pete has been the president of the organisation.

20th May 98
Redneck Release Dates For Oz
Despite the date given by Boxman (see previous news items), the Sony Australia web site gives the following release dates for the new single and album. Redneck Wonderland single - 15th June, Redneck Wonderland album - 6th July. It is probable that release in all other territories will be on or after this date. You can place an advance order now through Greg's Music World.

15th May 98
Possible European Release Date
Redneck Wonderland has been quoted as being released on the 30th of June this summer, according to the Swedish online music store Boxman. The date is as yet unconfirmed.

8th May 98
Redneck News
No confirmed release date as yet, but DJs from Aussie radio station MMM were on a midday TV show from Sydney, where they mentioned that MMM would be getting it's promo copy of the album in 3 weeks.

5th May 98
Full Aussie Tour Announced
The summer Aussie tour has been fully announced and consists of 30 gigs across Australia. Check the touring news page for the full details! At present there is still no word of a world tour, or a release date for Redneck Wonderland other than "in June".

29th April 98
Redneck Release
Whilst appearing on the Midday Show Peter announced that the new album was to be released in June. He also mentioned that Jim and Martin had just gone to London to mix the album. No confirmed date has been put forward yet, and Greg's Music World still have no knowledge of the album from the record compnay release lists.

26th April 98
Touring Again
The Oils are set to tour again it seems. Already there are a few confirmed gigs lined up for July, and some unconfirmed for August, while it has been said that there will be a 2 month Aussie tour over June/July/August. Check the touring news page for the latest info.

21st April 98
Band Plays Protest Gig
The band played at the Jabiluka protest blockade in Kakadu National Park, on Monday the 20th April, along with two other bands. The protest is against a uranium mine propsed for the area. Songs included The Dead Heart, Blue Sky Mine and E-Beat.

16th April 98
Jim on Neil Finn's New Album
The headline speaks for itself - Jim Moginie has been credited for playing gitar on four track from Neil Finn's new album "Try Whistling This". He's also been credited with co-writing two of the tracks.

7th April 98
Oils Hit The Road Again!
It's been confirmed that that Oils will be playing Newcastle Worker's Club on the 16th of July this summer. A few other gigs have been rumoured, and it's possible that this date will be near or just after the release of Redneck.

3rd March 98
Redneck Delayed
When asked at a recent concert, Martin said that the release of Redneck Wonderland would be put back until mid 98. This is due to the band returning to the studio to re-reocrd some of the tracks, as their recent live performances have seen the band alter the songs further, and they now wish to capture the new versions on the album.

1st March 98
Hirst Ill - Band Split
Rumours of the bands demise (propogated by an employee of Sony Canada) appear to be unfounded. Pete has himself denied the rumours. It's possible that they may have started due to Rob's absence at a show recently. He took a couple of nights off to recover from a chest infection but was back before long. (Paul Hester - ex-Crowded House - stepped in for one evening).

10th February 98
Redneck Wonderland
The band are currently finishing off the Aussie club tour (see where you missed em!) The new album is expected in March or April, but no confirmed release date has been given.

1st December 97
Oils Hit The States
The band have a couple of gigs lined up in NYC's Mercury Lounge - check the Touring Guide for dates!

3rd November 97
20,000 Watt RSL Released in UK
20,000 Watt RSL was released in the UK on the 3/11. It features the track list as the Aussie version released last month. Worth mentioning are the two new songs on RSL - What Goes On and White Skin Black Heart. Both these songs are marked as taken "From the forthcoming album 'Redneck Wonderland'"

9th October 97
Possible Tour
While the Oils had said they would not be touring in support of the greatest hits album, there is a rumour that they may in fact be forced by Sony to tour. Check the touring news page to check for any details.

1st October 97
20,000 Watt RSL
The album is due out on the 13th of October in Australia!! It may also be released in Europe on the 13th and was seen as having a 4th November US release date in one magazine. For more info see the special page on 20,000 Watt RSL

9th September 97
Greatest Hits!
The greatest hits album is slated for a release on October 10th in Oz (worldwide release not yet confirmed but possibly the same date). It will be called "20,000 Watt RSL" and should feature 18 tracks including two new songs. One of these songs - "White Skin, Black Heart" - is due for release during September in Oz, and is possibly expected in the UK also around the same time!

9th August 97
New Album!
There is the possibility of a not too distant Oils release. Unfortunately not the new album we've been promised, this album may be a greatest hits, featuring two new recordings.

3rd August 97
Touring Planned
The Oils are to tour a few venues in Australia this September. Currently planned dates can be found on the touring news page.

23rd July 97
No Album Yet
Although a release date as early as August was cited by Lovegrove's Ear On London, this is unfortunately not to be the case. No firm release date has been given, and the only hints are pointing to early 1998.

Peter to Give Lecture
Peter Garrett is to give an open lecture at the University of Queensland on August the 21st, entitled "White Skin, Black Heart". Entry is free. (Source - Jimmy Pollack - Powderworker)

June/July 97
Euro Tour Cancelled
The Oils cancelled their European tour recently - several reasons have floated around, including continued work on a new album, work on a soundtrack album for a Canadian film, and it has also been mentioned that there may be some family reasons for the tour being cancelled. However the band are not breaking up.

New Album
According to Lovegrove's Ear on London, the band are making great headway with the new album, and may have it for release in August. (This is a "maybe" though!)

Sitting Down on the Job
The Oils decided to take an hour off recently during their tour of South America. They set up a couch and some chairs in the centre of a Sao Paulo city street as a protest against the smog levels in the city.