Non-Band Member FAQs

Who is Brian Perry?
Brian Perry was the compiler of several versions of Oilbase .

Who is Tim Hunter?
Tim Hunter is the list owner (and sometimes moderator) of the Powderworks mailing list.

Who is Pat McManus?
Pat McManus is the host of the latest version of Oilbase , and is also the man responsible for the Powderworks archives.

Who is Pugwall?
Pugwall's a top bloke from Sheffield, UK. He's a Powderworker too!

Who is Maurice Kelly?
A student of Electrical/Electronic/Software Engineering who maintains this FAQ as well as the Dead Heart Homepage in between lectures.

Who is Jerry Falwell?
The only Jerry Falwell I know is a widely known television preacher in the US, who was recently portrayed in The People Versus Larry Flynt.

Who is Tim Winton?
Tim Winton is an Australian novelist who is also a fan of Midnight Oil. This led him to write the essay contained within the liner notes to the 20,000 Watt RSL collection album. Martin and Jim also contributed to a recent documentary about Tim on Australian TV.