Album FAQ - Redneck Wonderland

What is Redneck Wonderland?
Redneck is the bands 11th album.

Who produced Redneck Wonderland?
Redneck Wonderland was produced by Magoo with some additional production by Warne Livesey .

When was Redneck Wonderland released?
Redneck Wonderland is to be released in 1998.

Where was Redneck Wonderland recorded?
Most (if not all ) of the album was recorded in Melbourne.

What singles were released from Redneck Wonderland?
White Skin Black Heart was released (although this was prior to the release of the album. WSBH was actually released before 20,000 Watt RSL)

Where did the title Redneck Wonderland come from?
Peter Garrett appeared on the Aussie media on the run up to the albums release and gave the origin of te albums name. Apparently it is in reference to a graffiti map of Australia in Melbourne, the legend on the map reading "Redneck Wonderland".

What are the original titles of some of the tarcks on Redneck Wonderland?
A number of fans may know some of the tracks on RW by the names that were seen on set lists when the songs were first played. These include: -

Haulaway Comfortable Place On The Couch
Free My Soul Concrete
Warm Babies Safety Chain Blues