Album FAQ - Midnight Oil

What is Midnight Oil?
MO is the title of the first album released by Midnight Oil.

Where did the title Midnight Oil come from?
This was an eponymous album.

Who produced Midnight Oil?
MO was produced by
Keith Walker , Marlyn Productions and Midnight Oil.

When was Midnight Oil released?
Mo was released in 1978.

Where was Midnight Oil recorded?
MO was recorded at Albert's Studio, Sydney, Sept. 78.

What singles were released from Midnight Oil?
Run By Night was released.

Why was the Blue Album (Midnight Oil) so named?
The original vinyl imprints of this album in Australia featured deep blue covers, whereas later imprints were changed to black.

Why does Peter Gifford get credit for writing some of the tracks when he wasn't a band member at the time?
It was a mistake that occured during the CD issue of the album. Giffo was in the band at this stage, and someone presented the record company with the wrong info for the sleeve, thus mistaking Giffo for Andrew James .