Album FAQ - Blue Sky Mining

What is Blue Sky Mining?
BSM is the bands 7th album.

Who produced Blue Sky Mining?
BSM was produced by Warne Livesey and Midnight Oil.

When was Blue Sky Mining released?
Blue Sky Mining was released in 1990.

Where was Blue Sky Mining recorded?
Blue Sky Mining was recorded in Rhino Studios, Sydney, 1989.

Why does You May Not Be Released not appear on all releases of Blue Sky Mining?
YMNBR was an additional track on some Australian versions of BSM - it is believed that it was the first one thousand vinyl copies. It can however be found on the b-side of some versions of Forgotten Years.

What singles were released from Blue Sky Mining?
Blue Sky Mine, Forgotten Years, One Country, Bedlam Bridge, and King of the Mountain were released.

Where did the title Blue Sky Mining come from?
BSM came from the title of the song Blue Sky Mine which appeared on the album.