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09 Feb 2009
Oils to reform for Sound Relief - Warmup Shows Announced
Oils: The band are set to temporarily reform in order to perform at the upcoming SoundRelief concert in Melbourne on the 14th of March. As per the WaveAid show back in 2005, the band will perform two warmup gigs in Canberra on the 12th and 13th of March at the Royal Theatre. See the official
Midnight Oil web site for details.

26 Jan 2005
Powderworks Mailing List Temporarily Moved
The Site: The Powderworks mailing list has been temporarily moved to Yahoo Groups as the original list at has stopped responding. You can sign up to, and get information on, the new list at This move may prove permanent if the Colorado list does not come back.

14 Jan 2005
Warm-up Gig Announced
Oils: The Oils will be playing a warm-up gig the night before the Waveaid benefit. Details: Manly Warringah Leagues Club, 28th Jan, $40 from the club only.

12 Jan 2005
Midnight Oil to Perform At Waveaid
Oils: Midnight Oil are to perform again at the Waveaid benefit concert in Sydney Cricket Ground on 29th January. Peter Garrett had the following to say: "We are highly motivated to join fellow Australian performers in what will be a momentous occasion. For this is clearly a time in history for everyone to pitch in and help the people who are struggling to hold on to their lives in the wake of such a shattering event. On such an occasion Midnight Oil hopes all fans will come out and make 'Waveaid' a huge fundraising success."

Tickets cost $58 and will be available from Ticketek at 9am on 17th January.

11 Jan 2005
Rumour of Benefit Gig Appearance
Oils: A rumour is spreading that Midnight Oil may be reforming to perform a benefit gig in aid of the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami. The possibility was mentioned in an article on that said "Another benefit concert is reportedly planned for January 29 and will feature Jet, Silverchair and the John Butler Trio and a reformed Midnight Oil."
No confirmation or denial of this rumour has been offered yet from the Midnight Oil camp.

11 Oct 2004
Peter Garrett Elected as MP
Oils: Peter Garrett has been successfully elected as MP for the seat of Kingsford-Smith in New South Wales. Congratulations to Peter, and hopefully he can make great use of this opportunity.

07 Oct 2004
Oils Book Being Published
Oils: Penguin Australia have a new book coming out entitled "Beds Are Burning: Midnight Oil - The Journey" which is due to be published this November. The book is written by Mark Dodshon.

10 Jun 2004
Pete Joins Australian Labour Party
Oils: As expected by many, Peter Garrett has started making bigger moves into Australian political circles, although not through the Green channel that many would have expected. Instead he joined the Australian Labour Party in a move that surprised some. He will stand in what is considered to be a safe Labour seat in Kingsford Smith.

(Note: The Dead Heart is not based in Australia, and as such does not have a sufficient knowledge of Australia politics to report anything more than the facts.)

12 Mar 2004
DVD Tracklisting/Format Details
Oils: The Dead Heart has received a number of requests from concerned fans around the world who are worried about not being able to play the forthcoming Best Of Both Worlds DVD. According to the ABC Shop, the DVD is being released as a Region 0, PAL DVD. Region 0 discs should play on any DVD player in the world, although you do need a DVD player and TV capable of handling PAL signals. Have a look at this page to see if your county uses PAL.
The Tracklisting for the DVD is as follows:
Oils On The Water

  1. Introduction
  2. Best Of Both Worlds
  3. When The Generals Talk
  4. Minutes To Midnight
  5. Sleep
  6. Only The Strong
  7. Short Memory
  8. Kosciuszko
  9. US Forces
  10. Jimmy Sharmanís Boxers
  11. Back On The borderline
  12. Tin Legs & Tin Mines
  13. Donít Wanna Be The One
  14. Power & The Passion
  15. Read About It
  16. Harrisburg
  17. Stand In Line
  18. End Credits
Bonus material - audio rehearsal tapes
  1. Jimmy Sharmanís Boxers
  2. Lucky Country
  3. Tin Legs And Tin Mines
  4. Donít Wanna Be The One
  5. Power & The Passion
  6. Read About It
  7. Harrisburg
  8. Stand In Line
Saturday Night at the Capitol
  1. Only The Strong
  2. Brave Faces
  3. Short Memory
  4. Knifeís Edge
  5. Power & The Passion
  6. Armistice Day
  7. No Time For Games
  8. Quinella Holiday
  9. Lucky Country
  10. Donít Wanna Be The One
  11. Burnie
  12. Powderworks
  13. End Credits
Bonus material - truck mixes
  1. No Reaction
  2. Section 5 (Bus To Bondi)
  3. Somebodyís Trying To Tell Me Something
  4. Run By Night
The Tracklisting for the CD is same as the Oils On The Water show listed above (without Introduction or End Credits.)

04 Mar 2004
"Oils On The Water" On Your TV
Oils: Australian fans should clear their diaries for 9th March - at 11pm ABC are broadcasting the entire "Oils On The Water" concert from Goat Island , 1985. Viewers with digital decoders also have the option of watching it in 5.1 Surround.

03 Mar 2004
More DVD Details
Oils: More details have emerged about the forthcoming live DVD release. As stated previously the release date is the 5th of April although the official site mentions that it will be released 'elsewhere in the world mid-year.' It will actually be a DVD/CD pack - the DVD will contain both the 'Oils On The Water' show at Goat Island in 1985, and the Capitol Theatre film from 1982. The CD will feature tracks from the 'Oils On The Water' show. For those outside of Australia, you may wish to check with Whammo closer to the time to see if they have it available for pre-order.

19 Feb 2004
Goat Island DVD Release Date
Oils: The long-awaited Oils DVD featuring the Goat Island show and the Capitol theatre performances has been given a release date of April 5th. There are no details as yet of special features.

16 Jul 2003
Pete To Open Recording Studio
Oils: Along with the Warumpi Band, Pete is to conduct the opening of a recording studio in Papunya in the Northern Territory (one of the stops on the Blackfella Whitefella tour in 1986.) The studio is intended to encourage music as a means to deter petrol sniffing amongst young people in the area.

12 Jul 2003
Farewell Tour Rumoured
Oils: Rumours are surfacing that Midnight Oil may do a "farewell" tour in Australia this year. It must be stressed that these are rumours at this stage, and there is nothing concrete to indicate that Pete is rejoining the band in any way.

12 Jul 2003
Dead Heart Finally Updated
The Site: After a long period of time The Dead Heart has finally seen a new update. Unfortunately, it is once again a mainly structural change, but it is hoped that some of the changes will result in a better delivery of information to Midnight Oil fans.