The Dead Heart
Audio Files

There's a selection of audio files here, available for download. Most links are to the Official Midnight Oil Homepage (at, and are included in the Dead Heart as a way for people to access the sounds without having to trawl through the text looking for the links in the Multimedia Tour page.
The other option is the following MIDI file of Beds Are Burning. To be honest this file is absolutely hopeless but I decided to include it anyway!

Song Clips

Beds Are Burning 646k
Blue Sky Mine 646k
Bring On The Change 714k
Burnie 646k
Cold Cold Change 646k
Dreamworld 646k
Dreamworld (Live) 811k
Drums of Heaven 750k
Earth and Sun and Moon 848k
E-beat 969k
Feeding Frenzy 708k
Forgotten Years 693k
Head Over Heels 757k
Hercules 743k
If Ned Kelly Was King 646k
Jimmy Sharman's Boxers 625k
King of the Mountain 646k
Kosciusko 648k
Love's On Sale 698k
Mountains of Burma 634k
My Country 775k
Naked Flame 797k
No Reaction 647k
Nothing Lost Nothing Gained 1.8M
One Country 667k
Only The Strong 753k
Outbreak of Love 753k
Powderworks 646k
Powderworks (Live) 749k
Power and the Passion 646k
Profiteers 754k
Progress 645k
Put Down That Weapon 646k
Read About It (Live) 791k
Read About It 656k
Scream In Blue 645k
Sell My Soul 663k
Shipyards of New Zealand 636k
Short Memories 604k
Sins Of Omission 650k
Sleep 690k
Sometimes (Live) 963k
Sometimes 662k
Sometimes 2 646k
Stars of Warburton 646k
Surf's Up Tonight 756k
The Dead Heart 646k
Time To Heal 679k
Truganini 810k
Truganini 2 646k
Underwater 673k
Used and Abused 911k
US Forces 646k
Warrakurna 647k
Wedding Cake Island 655k
When The Generals Talk 646k

These clips are all on the Official Web-site. Unfortunately the Official site isn't the most reliable of resources. It varies from very fast, to grindingly slow, so this will explain why these files don't download any quicker.