The Dead Heart


Main Sections

The Dead Heart is divided up into a number of sections which hopefully break down the title page a little more. Whilst the links to all the areas of the site are available from the main page descriptions of these areas can be found in the four general sections.

  • Opinion
    This is where people get their opportunity to speak about the band.
  • Media
    This is the resource for things like pictures, sound files etc.
  • Contact
    This is the place to get in touch with the Dead Heart and other Oils fans.
  • News & Info
    The news section covers latest developments and gigs, and the info covers all those facts and figures on the Oils.
The in-site navigation buttons should reflect these new sections

Badly Arranged Pages & Grainy Graphics

From time to time The Dead Heart gets emails from people saying that the pages are badly laid out. Page layout on the Dead Heart is done by tables so viewing requires a browser which can render table layouts accurately.
Also, due to the increasing power of peoples' computers, 640*480 screen modes are rare these days. Some statistics on the site reveals that the predominant screen resolution is 800*600, with 1024*768 not far behind. The site is designed on a PC using a 1024*768 resolution, although the actual testing is done inside an 800*640 window, in order to check both these modes. If you're still using a 640*480 resolution then it's likely that pages will seem cluttered. The only way around is to up your resolution. Sorry!

As mentioned above a number of statistics have been compiled regarding visitors to the site. One of these relates to colour depth of the visitors machine. The predominant colour depth is 16-bit (65,536 colours). As such all images for the site are designed with this in mind. If you are using a lower resolution then you may find that the graphics become grainy (due to your browser dithering the colours to match the colour map). As before the only way around this is to use a better graphics mode.

These days it's not hard to get a graphics card that supports a higher resolution - the price of a CD is all that is required for a basic card.

Font Problems

As the Dead Heart moves into the future it has become time to adopt new technology. As such many pages are now based on CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. These are used to control page formatting, but require IE3 or higher, and Netscape 4 or higher.

Inter-browser Differences

Incompatibilities do arise between browsers, but most are picked up during testing. Testing is done with IE5 and Nav4.5. The biggest problems are with DHTML, which is limited to IE4 upwards (in these pages, not in general).

The Atlas Doesn't Work

You need a JavaScript-capable browser, and you need to enable JavaScript.

Links Which Don't Work

If there are any internal links which don't work, then please email immediately. They should be set right within a couple of days. If an external link is down then email as well, but it is unlikely that anything will be done about it barring updating of the link.

Printing Tabs

It has become apparent that printing tabs can be problematic. Because the tabs are white text on a black background, Netscape is unable to print them. As far as is known, Internet Explorer is capable of doing the necessary forward thinking.
To print tabs from Netscape, change your Netscape preferences to force viewing of your own specified colours. This will allow you to set the page colour to white, and the text colour to black. When you've finished printing you can undo the option you set.

In Conclusion...

Hopefully this page has been a help, but if not then email for more.