The Dead Heart

Coming Soon

A guide to what will hopefully be coming soon to The Dead Heart.

  • Classic Oils Gigs
    A section a long time in planning but has been taking a long time to actually coming into being. Basically this is going to be a bunch of feature articles about those classic gigs that you hear other Oils fans talking about so enthusiastically. (The idea is that you can read up on said gigs, and pretend you were at them too!) Essentially the features will cover setlists, reviews of the concerts, the motives behind them, and discussion of exactly why the gigs are considered classics.
    Current ETA: Jan 2004

  • Bigger, Better Discography
    The current discography looks nice, and serves it's purpose reasonably well, but following the creation of the song database (see above), it was felt that more could be done with the full discography. The current plan is to make it fully searchable, with individual entries for every version of a release. At present, the discography for a particular release covers all versions (formats and national releases). The new discography will have detailed information within a release - country, codes, packaging). Links out to the song database will provide even more detailed information.
    Current ETA: Strangely enough this is actually here - try looking at this. The framework is there, but the ongoing project is really getting the data into it.

  • Updates To Song Database
    There is an ongoing project to revamp the song database taking more account of the different versions of the songs out there. The structural changes have mostly been made, but (as with the Release Database) there is a substantial amount of work to be done on the actual data going into the database.
    Current ETA: Ongoing